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Our Sargent At Arms Dave put up his tree too. Apparently it plays the theme song from a Charlie Brown Christmas. It didn’t take him long to decorate.

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The elves were busy LAST WEEK and put up the tree in my office. They are sooooo excited that Christmas is almost here. So probably for the first time ever , the tree was up before Throne Speech Day. This was verified by my RCMP guests yesterday. 🤶

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How cool is this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ twitter.com/cbcmanitoba/st…

Who the heck names his dog Gary ??? Probably has a complex and that’s why he’s eating toilet paper 😊 twitter.com/boringenormous…

@CindyLamoureux I would like to add my thanks to them too. ❤️

@MotherofaSon This is great and very historic . Thanks a lot.

Please help by dropping off toys or food , at my #Charleswood office, for #christmasforchurchill . Thank you. twitter.com/skylarferguson…

I want to add my thanks to Bonnie Bricker for her voice , as a mother who lost a son to suicide , for needed improvements in mental health. twitter.com/chisholmp/stat…

It was a day of Throne Speech “ Pomp and Ceremony” . This part always makes me proud to be Canadian. twitter.com/dmarling/statu…

Nice to have my family with me today at the Throne Speech at the #ManitobaLegislature.

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@SGuillemardMLA @JamesTeitsma I see you are posing with the famous Celeste!

After the Throne Speech we all head over to the LG’s house for a reception. Part of the grand tradition of Throne Speech Day.

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The #Speaker’s parade is led by the RCMP on Throne Speech Day.

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Throne Speech day is a very busy day for the # Speaker. Lots of organizing & lots of hosting . A great #Manitoba tradition.

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Very interesting. Have never seen this before b/c we’re always in meetings at this time. #ManitobaLegislature twitter.com/chisholmp/stat…

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