NDP Disrespects Veterans

PC Manitoba News Release Photo

November 13, 2012

Those who fought and died for our country deserve our time and respect: Pallister

Opposition Leader Brian Pallister says there is a price to pay for citizenship and students should be required to attend ceremonies to mark Remembrance Day.

The premier’s misguided assertion in the media that this is a case of religious freedom misses the point. The PC Party is here for Manitoba’s veterans and will stand up for those who bravely stood up for us.

“These are men and women who left family and friends to put themselves in harm’s way. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. Asking Manitoba students to spend an hour of their time is a small price to pay for the freedoms too many take for granted,” says Pallister.

“It is our duty as citizens to show our respect to those who’ve given us the priceless gifts we enjoy today. Life, liberty and freedom are ours because young men and women were prepared to give up their lives to fight for those principles,” adds Pallister.

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