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"Officials are in contact with OmniTRAX, seeking clarification on the engineering assessment and plans for repair of the line" #mbpoli twitter.com/MBGovNews/stat…

"It is important to get out there and have a look at what's necessary to restore rail access as soon as we can" - @Brian_Pallister #mbpoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st…

"The province has also increased the northern food allowance..." #mbpoli twitter.com/ThompsonCitize…

"Small businesses make tremendous contributions in municipalities like Russell-Binscarth" - @gregnesbittpc #mbpoli twitter.com/MBGovNews/stat…

Thanks to our outstanding Legislative Interns Tanner, Imalka, and Nicholas for their hard work this year! #mbpoli

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A new poll shows Premier @Brian_Pallister with the highest approval rating of any Premier in Canada! winnipegsun.com/2017/06/21/pal… #mbpoli

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