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MLA for Fort Richmond
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Separating children from loving parents is not a ‘deterrent policy’ for immigration, it is an action carried out by one who wishes to destroy the moral fabric of their country.

Greatest example of a man’s integrity, love & humility in my life, my Father. #HappyFathersDay

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@RachelJMMorgan @privatecitizenn @kelvin_goertzen Name one woman whose rights have been negatively impacted by Kelvin supporting his wife. Just one.

@RachelJMMorgan @kelvin_goertzen Actually, Kelvin took the stage and demonstrated the love he has for his wonderful wife who carried 6 children for him. You and the NDP want it to be political because there is nothing else in health you can criticize.

@RachelJMMorgan @kelvin_goertzen Know what I am tired of? People assuming they know what is best for ALL women. After my miscarriages, I wanted to be around others who allowed me to grieve the loss of a life. It is not political. It is human.

@MyrnaBDriedger @mawwelch I will be checking the Bison in the morning, just to be sure....

@DFLamont @TobaLib @Brian_Pallister Members from all parties routinely look at each other when asking or answering questions. Including the Liberal members. Sometimes they even look angry. (Hard to see from the gallery) No rules are broken, as long as the comments are directed at the Speaker. #HelpfulHints

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