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FACT: Manitoba spends $12,885 per student in the public education system - that's the second-highest level in Canada! #mbpoli #mtsrally

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St. Vital MLA and former School Trustee @Colleen_Mayer shares facts on our government's funding increase of $13.7 million to Manitoba Education and Training, the highest ever spent in the province's history. WATCH HERE:… #mbpoli #mtsrally

FACT: Budget 2018 increases funding for public school divisions to a total of $1.323 BILLION #mbpoli #mtsrally

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St. James MLA and former school trustee Scott Johnston shares facts on the $200 million our government is investing in school infrastructure, including 7 new schools for Manitoba families. WATCH HERE:… #mbpoli #mtsrally

FACT: Per student funding for public schools has increased by 24.5% over the past decade. #mbpoli #mtsrally

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St. Vital MLA and former school trustee @Colleen_Mayer shares facts on Manitoba's record level of funding - $1.322 Billion - for public school divisions. #mbpoli #mtsrally

FACT: School divisions create their own budgets and the province expects them to make decisions that best suit students' needs. #mbpoli #mtsrally

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Lac du Bonnet MLA and former teacher @WayneEwaskoMLA shares facts on our commitment to a better education system and an invitation to participate in the upcoming education system review. WATCH HERE:… #mbpoli #mtsrally

FACT: Manitoba spends $12,885 per student - that's the second-highest level of per-student spending in Canada! #mbpoli #mtsrally

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