Scott Johnston was elected to the Manitoba Legislature as the MLA for St. James on April 19, 2016. His experience as a School Trustee, businessman, and community volunteer inspired him to run for office as part of Manitoba’s new Progressive Conservative team.

Scott served the St. James-Assiniboia School Division for 25 years as a trustee, and is a former chairman of the Board. Scott has served as Chair of various School Board Committees including Education and Finance/Facilities Committees. Scott also enjoyed a successful career in the private sector as President of the J.F.J. Agency brokerage firm for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In the Community, Scott has long been involved in coaching and managing youth sports and is a past vice-president of Silver Heights Community Centre. Scott also represents the St. James-Assiniboia School Division as a member of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce.

Scott and his wife Karen are life-long residents of St. James-Assiniboia. They have three children all of whom are graduates of the St. James- Assiniboia School Division. Scott’s decision to seek election as the MLA for St. James stems from his passion for the community and a desire to make education a priority across Manitoba. Scott is committed to being a strong voice on behalf of Assiniboia.