PC Caucus Review


Caucus Review — August/September

Making Life More Affordable for Families Inflation impacts us all, and our PC Government is committed to helping Manitobans combat rising costs with our new $87-million Family Affordability Package. This includes programs to help families with children, low-income seniors, and Manitobans in need the most.Families with a household income below $175,000 will be receiving an […]


Caucus Review — July 2022

$2 Million for New CT Scanner in Swan Valley Our PC Government remains committed to strengthening our healthcare system, and this month we announced a $2 million investment in a new CT scanner for the Swan Valley Health Centre.This investment will not only benefit Swan Valley, but surrounding communities as well as it provides a […]


Caucus Review – June 2022

This past month our PC Government committed $50 million towards the Heath Science Centre (HSC) Foundation’s Operation Excellence, the largest campaign in the foundation’s 46-year history as well as $2.5 million to fund searches for Indigenous children. The Manitoba PC Party also saw huge success at the annual Spring Gala with hundreds of proud supporters in attendance.

News Releases


Getting Things Done: Premier Stefanson’s First Year in Office

This past year, Premier Heather Stefanson has helped make life more affordable, made Manitoba more competitive, reduced the surgical and diagnostic backlog and helped make our communities safer. Our government has been working hard and getting results on behalf of Manitobans. “We have been making real progress helping more Manitobans make ends meet. This year, […]


PC Caucus Calls on the Federal Government to Adequately Support Iranians and Work to Help Protect the People of Iran

Manitoba’s PC Caucus unanimously passed a resolution today calling on Ottawa to take further steps to help support Iranians, who are experiencing constant oppression and civil unrest due to the protests and conflict in Iran. On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini was arrested and murdered by Iranian police because she stood up for her basic […]


MLA Len Isleifson Passes the Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act (Poppy Number Plates)

Winnipeg, MB – Brandon East MLA Len Isleifson is proud to have passed the Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act, which expands the eligible veterans who can get veteran poppy license plates to include active members of the Canadian Forces who have: honourably served for at least one year; been honourably discharged; or are a former […]