MLA Nesbitt Announces Improvements To Highway 10 And Bridge On PR 259

Province continues to invest in Infrastructure improvement projects

SHOAL LAKE, MB – Greg Nesbitt, MLA for Riding Mountain, is pleased to announce improvements by Manitoba Infrastructure to three sections of Provincial Truck Highway (PTH) 10 from Minnedosa to Riding Mountain National Park.

“Our PC government is committed to improving safety and traffic flow in communities across our province,” said MLA Nesbitt. “I am very pleased to announce this project has been approved to make Highway 10 safer and more efficient, as well as create construction jobs for Manitoba and help grow our economy.”

Manitoba Infrastructure has approved upgrades to a portion of PTH 10 from 1.2 km north of the north junction of PTH 16 to 11.6 km north of the north junction of PTH 16 for a distance of 10.4 km. Upgrades include bituminous reconstruction and partially paved shoulders. Thin lift overlays have also been approved for the portions 11.6 km north of the north junction of PTH 16 to PTH 45, and from PTH 45 to 2.6 km north of PR 354. All work is scheduled to start in the summer of 2022.

Replacement of the bridge structure crossing the Rolling River on PTH 10 north of Erickson has also been approved. The bridge replacement project is in the initial design stage with a preliminary timeframe for construction to start in 2024. The replacement of the bridge over the Assiniboine River on PR 259 near Virden will provide enhanced flood mitigation protection. Construction of the bridge is scheduled to begin this winter.

These investments are part of the province’s record $2.1 billion investment in strategic infrastructure to help stimulate economic growth and create jobs. Through Budget 2021, over $630 million has been invested in road construction and maintenance to support enhanced provincial road infrastructure.