PC Caucus Calls on the Federal Government to Adequately Support Iranians and Work to Help Protect the People of Iran

Manitoba’s PC Caucus unanimously passed a resolution today calling on Ottawa to take further steps to help support Iranians, who are experiencing constant oppression and civil unrest due to the protests and conflict in Iran. On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini was arrested and murdered by Iranian police because she stood up for her basic human rights. Since then, massive protests have filled the streets in Iran and around the world, calling for freedom and justice.

“Over the last 43 years, the Iranian regime has led campaigns of discrimination against women, the LGBTQ community, followers of other beliefs and ethnic minorities,” said MLA for Fort Whyte Obby Khan. “The world is watching as Iran’s so-called ‘morality police’ continue to brutalize women who protest this oppressive regime. The Prime Minister needs to offer more support for the people of Iran and Iranians fleeing this humanitarian crisis.”

The Iranian people, led largely by women, have taken to the streets to protest the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and many Iranians have shown incredible bravery in protesting the brutal dictator’s rule. In over 160 cities across the world, hundreds of thousands of people have marched in solidarity with the people of Iran.

“Manitoba’s PC Caucus supports all freedoms, and the right for people to choose for themselves how
they want to live their lives,” said Khan. “We must continue to stand for freedom, justice, and all human
rights. We are calling on Justin Trudeau to act.”

“Ruthless acts of oppression and repression by the Islamic Republic regime are ongoing,” said Arian Arianpour, President of Iranian Community of Manitoba. “We greatly appreciate the efforts of Manitoba Legislature to help stop the violent crackdown on Iranian protesters.”

As the resolution passed, it becomes the official position of the Manitoba Legislature.