NDP Refuse to Answer Questions About Their Own Caucus Member’s Record

Manitobans deserve to have full-time MLAs: Schuler

Wab Kinew’s NDP need to answer if they’re OK with their caucus colleague, MLA for Fort Garry Mark Wasyliw, moonlighting while on public payroll with ads stating that “drinking and driving is not a crime” and offering to get people out of criminal charges for sexual assault.

“The NDP are once again hiding from their own record,” said Ron Schuler, PC Caucus Chair. “They have multiple members who have said – and done – questionable things. How can Manitobans trust a party who refuses to acknowledge anything they find unpleasant to talk about?”

Wasyliw is listed on the NDP Caucus website as their finance critic and deputy house leader. Manitoba’s PC Caucus wants to know if the NDP will commit to ensuring all of their MLAs will work full-time for Manitobans.

“It’s really not that complicated,” said Schuler. “Will Wab Kinew come out and say he denounces his colleague’s objectionable web ads, and commit to having all of his caucus members work full-time?”

“Our PC Team stands for public safety, and the NDP is once again siding with alleged criminals,” said Schuler. “Manitobans deserve answers. It’s time for the NDP to stop hiding from the issue and be honest with Manitobans.”


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