PC Caucus Officially Calls on Ottawa to Reform Bail

Commitment Needs to Result in Action: Schuler

Today, Manitoba’s PC Caucus successfully passed a resolution calling on the federal government to reform bail. This is on the heels of Justice Minister and Attorney General Kelvin Goertzen meeting with provincial counterparts and the federal government about changes to the criminal code. Manitoba’s strong advocacy has resulted in a commitment from Ottawa to make bail harder to obtain for repeat violent offenders, however our PC Team is eagerly awaiting action on the issue.

“While Wab Kinew’s NDP colleague and defense lawyer Mark Wasyliw says that the current bail requirements are just fine, we know from listening to Manitobans that more needs to be done,” said Ron Schuler, PC Caucus Chair, who sponsored the private member’s resolution. “Quick action and further measures are needed after the important first step of Ottawa making this commitment.”

Our PC government has been working hard to make our streets safer through multiple initiatives, and advocating for stronger bail requirements for violent offenders helps achieve that goal

“There are concrete examples of repeat violent offenders committing heinous crimes against innocent citizens and police officers after these offenders are released on bail,” said Schuler. “Making these changes will help make our streets safer.”

As the resolution passed, it becomes the official position of the Manitoba Legislature.


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