Andrew Micklefield Presents Bill to Extend Bereavement Leave for Parents Experiencing a Stillbirth or Miscarriage

Families should be given an appropriate amount of time to grieve: Micklefield

Today, Andrew Micklefield, MLA for Rossmere, passed the second reading of Bill 235, The Employment Standards Code Amendment Act, which will extend bereavement leave from three to five days, and expand the act to include bereavement for a miscarriage or stillbirth for mothers and their partners or spouses.

“Many of us know someone who has gone through the difficult time of a miscarriage or a stillbirth,” said Micklefield. “These families should be given an appropriate amount of time to grieve the loss of their family member. My heart goes out to anyone experiencing this traumatic event, and those who have experienced it in the past.”

Guests supporting the Bill watched from the Legislative Gallery and were pleased to see it pass second reading.


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