Brad Michaleski Introduces Bill Supporting Victims of Intimate Partner Violence and Improving Safety for Renters

Preventing the re-traumatization of Intimate Partner Violence survivors: Michaleski

Today, Brad Michaleski, MLA for Dauphin, passed the second reading of Bill 231: The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act. This Bill will remove requirements for victims to prove that they are in an intimate relationship with someone who is abusing them. This will help people leaving situations of intimate partner violence in our communities by having less barriers when escaping these horrific situations.

“I have heard from many Manitobans who have survived domestic violence that it is a struggle to escape a housing situation in which they feel unsafe because of unfair requirements to terminate one party’s representation of a shared lease agreement due to intimate partner violence,” said Michaleski. “This Bill will expand the residential tenancies act, and remove barriers for survivors to leave these situations.”

Our PC Team will continue to listen to survivors and help make our communities safer.