NDP Attempt to Change the Channel Falls Flat, Begs the Question: What is Wab Kinew Hiding?

Latest NDP attacks full of hypocrisy; show glimpse of what a Wab Kinew Manitoba would look like: Schuler

The Manitoba NDP is desperately trying to change the channel following a concerning incident involving Wab Kinew at the Manitoba Legislature last week, Ron Schuler, PC Caucus Chair mentioned today.

“After a string of bad news coverage following reprehensible conduct by Wab Kinew last week, including intimidating an elected official and uttering profanity, the Manitoba NDP issued a hastily drafted and wildly misinformed press release Sunday about Bill 20,” said Schuler. “This is just another desperate attempt by the NDP to distract from Wab’s record — one of dishonesty and inappropriate behaviour. If the NDP is incapable of conducting basic research, they are clearly unfit to form government in Manitoba.”

The NDP has pledged to block multiple pieces of important government legislation, including Bill 20, The Conflict of Interest (Members and Ministers) Amendment Act.

Bill 20 seeks to strengthen the Act and contains three amendments that were requested by Manitoba’s independent Conflict of Interest Officer. The first change ensures that gifts given to a member are disclosed online. The second change ensures records are not subject to destruction. The third is to ensure that holdings that a Member is required to be put into a blind trust remain blind to the Member.

“By killing these changes that were recommended by the independent Conflict of Interest Officer, the NDP is limiting the public disclosure of gifts to elected officials, allowing records to be destroyed and weakening blind trust provisions,” said Schuler. “They are also questioning the role of an independent Conflict of Interest Officer. Wab Kinew and other members of his NDP caucus are enormously wealthy. It begs the question: what is Wab Kinew trying to hide from Manitobans?”