NDP Critic Too Busy Moonlighting, Ignores Environment File

NDP priorities are for themselves, not Manitobans: Schuler

After claiming to be winding down his work as a lawyer, part-time MLA for Fort Garry Mark Wasyliw was missing in action for Earth Week to be in court, while our PC Team was busy fighting for Manitobans, PC Caucus Chair Ron Schuler mentioned today.

“How can Manitobans trust this NDP Party who doesn’t even take their critic roles seriously,” said Schuler. “We know that the NDP did nothing to protect Lake Winnipeg during their 17 years of government, and in opposition their critic is too busy working as a lawyer to even ask us a simple question during Earth Week.”

Mark Wasyliw was named the NDP’s environment critic earlier this year.

After being exposed for ads on his website that said “Drinking and driving is NOT against the law” and “Facing Sexual Assault Charges in Winnipeg? We Can Help,” Wasyliw told the Winnipeg Free Press on March 31, 2023, that he is winding down his duties as a lawyer to focus on being a full-time MLA.

Court records indicate that Wasyliw still continues to practice law regularly – he is even scheduled to appear in court today.

“It’s clear that Mr. Wasyliw was simply bending the truth to hide from the fact that he’s not a full-time MLA. Manitobans deserve full representation, not part-time,” said Schuler.

“One must ask – why is Mark Wasyliw running for re-election when he is prioritizing his law practice? Is it simply to collect an extra salary on top of his earnings as a lawyer?”


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