Wab Kinew’s NDP Vote Against Increasing RCMP Funding for Municipalities

Today’s vote showed that the NDP have no respect for police or municipalities: Schuler

Wab Kinew’s NDP voted against a resolution today calling on the federal government to adequately support Manitoba municipalities following 23 per cent RCMP salary increases.

“We believe in defending, not defunding, our police,” said Ron Schuler, PC Caucus Chair. “We support our RCMP officers, and we expect the Trudeau government to provide Manitoba municipalities with increases to match this added cost.”

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities have publicly spoken in favour of calling upon Ottawa to pay their fair share.

“The AMM welcomes the Manitoba government’s commitment to expand the responsibilities and powers of community safety officers,” AMM president Kam Blight was quoted by AMM on social media. “The proposed amendments offer municipalities an additional avenue to boost safety measures in their communities. The AMM also thanks Minister Goertzen and Minister Smith for renewing the call on the federal government to absorb RCMP retroactive salary costs.”

Wab Kinew’s NDP, who are aligned with the federal NDP-Liberal coalition, continually spoke out this resolution. Today, during a third attempt, they voted against it.

“This proves that Wab Kinew’s NDP want to defund the police,” said Schuler. “When presented the opportunity to vote in favour of more funding for municipal policing, they voted against it. Wab Kinew and his hidden agenda can’t be trusted.”

As the resolution passed, it becomes the official position of the Manitoba Legislature.

“The message to Ottawa is clear: shore up funding for Manitoba municipalities,” said Schuler.


  • All quotes from the AMM were pulled from publicly available statements.
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