NDP Refuse to Remove Carbon Tax From Home Heating

Kinew government had a chance to stand up for Manitobans, but they chose to side with Justin Trudeau instead: Khan

WINNIPEG – The Manitoba NDP government blocked a PC resolution today calling on them to remove the federal carbon tax from home heating bills, despite the NDP premier facing criticism for his hypocritical flip-flop on the issue.

“Manitobans can’t afford to pay more money to heat their homes this winter, and they shouldn’t have to pay this punishing, regressive tax,” said Obby Khan, PC Shadow Minister for Finance. “The NDP had a chance to stand with Manitobans in the name of affordability today. Instead, they sided with Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals, who are making life more expensive across the country. It’s clear that this NDP government believes Manitobans should pay the carbon tax when other Canadians don’t have to.”

The carbon tax will cost Manitoba families an extra $275 to heat their homes this winter. That’s more than they will save from the NDP’s so-called “holiday” from paying provincial gas taxes for six months.

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau offered a carbon tax carve-out to Atlantic provinces for home heating oil. He has since refused to offer the same carve-out for natural gas heating in other provinces.

On November 10, 2023, the premiers of Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick sent a letter to Trudeau demanding carbon tax fairness and that the carve-out be extended to all forms of home heating across the country. Wab Kinew’s signature was noticeably absent from that letter.

The Manitoba PCs gave the NDP ample notice that today’s resolution was coming.

“The NDP’s only affordability plan actually costs Manitobans money when you factor in their support for the carbon tax,” said Khan. “If the NDP truly cared about affordability, they would tell Manitoba Hydro to stop collecting the carbon tax today. It’s that simple.”

Saskatchewan has taken national leadership on this issue, unanimously passing legislation this week that will remove the carbon tax from home heating bills starting January 1st, and protect the province from retribution by the Trudeau government.

“If our neighbours in Saskatchewan can do it, so can Manitoba,” said Khan. “The only thing standing in the way of making life more affordable for Manitobans is this NDP premier and his pro-carbon tax government.”


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