NDP’s Fictional Forecast an Attempt to Cover Up Plans to Raise Taxes and Run Large Deficits

NDP’s junk math is obvious; time to stop playing political games and start behaving like a government: Stefanson

WINNIPEG — In a desperate attempt to hide their high-tax, high-spending agenda, the NDP are misleading Manitobans about the finances of the province in order to cover their tracks for their costly $3-billion election platform, PC Leader Heather Stefanson announced today.

“The NDP were left with an audited $270-million surplus,” said Stefanson. “And yet, they are trying to fool the public with a false narrative that the sky is falling, spooking Manitobans right before the holidays and bringing fear into the economy. The NDP knows that the only way they can pay for their promises is to cut services, raise taxes, or do both.”

Manitoba PCs know the best way to raise government revenues is by growing the economy—but, within hours of being sworn in as government, the NDP disbanded Manitoba’s Economic Development Board and signaled to the world that Manitoba is closed for business. In just two months, the NDP government has also canceled a $1.5-billion redevelopment of the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, cut the surgical and diagnostic recovery task force without an interim plan for patient care, and put several new school projects on the chopping block—all while committing to further “belt-tightening” across departments.

In their election platform, the NDP significantly under-costed their promises, which actually totalled more than $3 billion in new spending. They also incorrectly suggested that they could use unallocated budget funding to spend on these promises.

“The NDP’s math just doesn’t add up. Their numbers change, their stories change, but one thing remains the same: the NDP’s hunger for raising taxes and running massive deficits,” said Obby Khan, PC Shadow Minister for Finance.

“The NDP can’t just make $3 billion in election promises and then blame the previous government for their accounting failures. The NDP wanted to govern, so now’s the time for them to step up, behave like a government, and take responsibility instead of playing political games with Manitobans, their livelihoods, and their taxpayer dollars.”


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