Statement from PC Hydro Shadow Minister Grant Jackson on New NDP Manitoba Hydro Board

After recklessly committing to spend untold billions to get to net-zero emissions by 2035—which Manitoba Hydro says is not feasible and which threatens to shut off the gas for thousands of Manitobans—the NDP today reinstated several previous Hydro board members who oversaw the devastating mismanagement of the Keeyask dam and Bipole III projects, which increased Hydro’s debt to $24 billion and put the utility in the financial mess it’s in today.

With no mandate to reduce debt and the NDP’s plan to freeze its revenues, Manitoba Hydro will be strained in its ability to provide low-cost, high-quality electricity services to Manitobans into the future.

The NDP government appears ready to repeat history on the backs of ratepayers. All Manitobans should be very concerned about this new government’s direction with Manitoba Hydro.


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