Statement from PC Hydro Critic Grant Jackson on the Politically-Motivated Firing of Hydro CEO

WINNIPEG — Grant Jackson, PC Shadow Minister for Manitoba Hydro, released a statement today in response to the NDP government’s firing of the utility’s CEO:

“The NDP fired Manitoba Hydro CEO Jay Grewal today because she spoke honestly about the significant financial challenges that Hydro currently faces—a reality-check that directly conflicts with the NDP’s costly ideology. It’s clear that the truth will be a casualty of this new NDP government. Wab Kinew thinks he knows more about running the province’s largest Crown corporation than the talented, experienced former CEO, who was also the first woman to hold the position.

“It’s now evident that we have an NDP government that is directly interfering with the operations of Manitoba Hydro. This is deeply concerning for all Manitobans, who are paying 33 cents of every dollar on their Hydro bills to service interest on the crushing debt of the last NDP-directed Hydro boondoggles.

“I’m repeating our call for the NDP to stop interfering with Manitoba Hydro immediately. Manitobans, and Manitoba Hydro, cannot afford more debt because of the NDP’s rigid ideology.”


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