Manitoba NDP Admit Education Not a Priority

WINNIPEG — The Official Opposition is calling on the NDP to tell Manitoba families where their children rank in the 2024 budget after school divisions say senior officials made it clear that “education isn’t in the top three or even five priorities” of Wab Kinew’s new government.

The shocking comments were made by NDP deputy education minister Brian O’Leary ahead of the NDP’s first budget due April 2nd. His comments came to light during a public budget presentation of the Fort La Bosse School Division held in early March, where officials revealed that they were informed, “Education isn’t at the forefront of funding.”

“While the NDP say education is a priority in front of the cameras, they’re saying completely different things behind closed doors,” said Grant Jackson, PC Critic for Education. “The fact is, two out of every three Manitoba school divisions are receiving base funding increases less than inflation this year, while ten divisions get one per cent or less. Manitoba families are seriously questioning whether their children’s education is even in the NDP’s top ten priorities.”

The NDP has set the stage for an average six-per-cent school tax hike this year, and an outrageous 17% in some school divisions, Jackson noted. School divisions will also be on the hook for millions more in new costs once the NDP sign a new contract with teachers this year, he added.

“It’s clear that the NDP are not focused on properly funding Manitoba schools, nor on providing quality education,” Jackson said. “Manitoba families can’t afford 17% tax hikes back-to-back because of Wab Kinew’s mismanaged priorities.”


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