NDP Immigration Minister Threatens Suspension of MPNP Draws to Silence Protests

Malaya Marcelino must resign for MPNP chaos: Byram

WINNIPEG — Today, the Official Opposition called for NDP labour and immigration minister Malaya Marcelino to resign following serious allegations that she threatened to suspend Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) draws in an effort to silence protests by workers and students at the Manitoba legislature.

“Newcomers dream of coming to Manitoba. They invest their time, money, and hope into our province. They come to start and raise families,” said Jodie Byram, PC Critic for Labour and Immigration. “But the immigration minister has made her threats clear: protest the NDP and you’ll be suspended, or worse—kicked out of Manitoba. Surely this is unethical, and demands an independent investigation into abuse of power.”

“Marcelino needs to apologize for her attack on the democratic rights of students and all Manitobans. More importantly, she needs to resign today.”

Over the last few months, Manitobans have peacefully demonstrated at the Legislature in protest against the NDP government’s failures on immigration. This week, Byram received a letter from community members stating that future demonstrations were cancelled after the NDP minister threatened to suspend MPNP draws if they continued.

Under the PCs, the MPNP system was a stable and reliable immigration stream for skilled workers and international students building their life and contributing to the economy in Manitoba. However, radical policy changes made by the NDP have turned the program into games of chance, causing chaos and delays for newcomers anxious to become permanent residents in Manitoba, and one day, Canadian citizens.

“International students are being manipulated, coerced, and threatened by this NDP government. The labour minister has chosen to actively infringe on the charter rights of Manitobans and sullied Manitoba’s international reputation,” said Byram. “The public deserves clear and transparent answers as to what is happening behind the closed doors of this NDP government.”



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