PCs Delay NDP Bills to Protect Manitoba Workers, Students, Business Owners

WINNIPEG — Today, the Official Opposition delayed four NDP bills to allow Manitobans more time to provide their input and become fully informed about the costs that the NDP’s reckless ideology will have on the bottom line of Manitoba families and businesses.

“Since October, the NDP have cancelled thousands of surgeries, fired healthcare recruiters, cut new school construction, hiked taxes on middle-class Manitobans, and rolled out plans to force workers to unionize,” said Wayne Ewasko, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Manitobans expect an accountable and transparent government that puts people above politics. So far, they’ve only seen an NDP that is disorganized, disorderly, and dishonest.”

Among the bills held over by PCs until the fall legislative sitting are Bill 7, which forces Manitobans to unionize while driving up the costs of major public construction projects; and Bill 16, which repeals the Regulatory Accountability Act in a move widely denounced by Manitoba business groups as a significant setback when it comes to removing red tape for businesses.

PCs are also holding over Bill 21, which lowers Manitoba’s compulsory school age at the same time that the NDP have cancelled nine new schools from being built in Brandon, Neepawa, Ste. Anne, West St. Paul, and Winnipeg. These decisions will drive up enrolment and lead to more overcrowded classrooms in elementary schools across the province.

Additionally, PCs have delayed Bill 9, as it is clear the proposed changes do not align with other provinces, and that the NDP failed to consult stakeholders at a time when there is pressure on the labour force and shortages across many sectors in Manitoba.

“Manitobans are rightfully concerned about any legislation that impacts their rights as families and as workers, along with employers who are also concerned about changes that impact their businesses and workforce,” said PC House Leader Derek Johnson. “Thorough, transparent engagement and consultation must be undertaken by the government before proceeding with any of these bills.”


Jodie Byram, PC Critic for Labour:

“No Manitoban should be forced to pay union dues to be able to bid on or work on a government project. The NDP are being reckless with the public dollar and want to cost taxpayers more by limiting bids to their hand-picked union bosses. This will have a negative impact on the construction of our highways, schools, and hospitals. The NDP need to respect the freedom of Manitoba workers to organize as they choose on publicly-funded construction projects.”

Wayne Balcaen, PC Critic for Justice:

“Under the PCs, Manitoba was a national leader in reducing red tape and ensuring citizens have the appropriate time to consider potential regulations put forward by their government. By disbanding the regulatory Secretariat and lowering the standard for public consultations, the NDP have shown they have little regard for accountability. Manitobans are left to wonder what the NDP are trying to hide, and why.”

Grant Jackson, PC Critic for Education:

“Every child in Manitoba has the right to go to school, and they deserve a strong, world-class education system, from kindergarten to university. But after cancelling nine new schools from being built as soon as they took office, the NDP has made it clear they will put politics over students, and pick winners and losers when it comes to education. Manitoba families deserve better and their kids deserve better.”


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