PCs Introduce Consumer Choice Legislation

WINNIPEG — Today, the Manitoba PCs introduced Bill 213 to expand liquor retail offerings and services across Manitoba.

“For years, Manitobans have been calling on lawmakers to modernize Manitoba’s liquor laws,” said Red River North MLA Jeff Wharton, who is sponsoring the legislation. “This bill provides entrepreneurs new opportunities to grow their businesses, and gives consumers more choice and more convenience in the marketplace.”

Manitoba’s outdated liquor retail system unnecessarily restricts what type of liquor can be sold at different stores. This means that Manitobans have to make multiple stops to purchase products, particularly in rural Manitoba.

Bill 213 eliminates this inconvenience, and gives existing liquor retailers the option to sell all products available through Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries to meet their business and customer needs. Bill 213 will open the market through a five-year pilot project to allow the Legislative Assembly to monitor and assess its implementation. 

“This bill levels the playing field for Manitoba businesses, reduces red tape, and gives Manitobans what they want: convenience and choice when they go shopping,” said Wharton. “It’s time for the NDP to shelve their ideology and support this bill.”


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