NDP Award $100,000 Untendered Contract to Cabinet Minister

PCs call on Ian Bushie to return $100,000 to Manitoba taxpayers

WINNIPEG — Today, PC Caucus Chair Greg Nesbitt called on Manitoba Ethics Commissioner Jeffrey Schnoor to investigate two NDP cabinet ministers for a sole-sourced, untendered contract awarded in April. 

Public documents reveal that NDP economic development minister Jamie Moses directly awarded a $100,000 contract for groceries to Grandpa George’s on April 3, 2024. Municipal and northern relations minister Ian Bushie is the sole proprietor of Grandpa George’s, according to disclosure statements filed in January. This transaction is the subject of a formal complaint filed with Schnoor on Monday.

“The law is clear: cabinet ministers cannot receive government contracts,” said Nesbitt. “We are seriously concerned by these backroom dealings and have asked the ethics commissioner to investigate. Manitobans deserve the truth because it sure looks like the NDP are cutting themselves cheques at the cabinet table.”

Wayne Ewasko, Leader of the Official Opposition, said the ethics commissioner has an important role to protect taxpayers by preventing corruption in public procurement.

“History is repeating itself as the NDP government has been caught sole sourcing contracts to their friends and NDP insiders,” said Ewasko. “Manitobans deserve answers, and Wab Kinew needs to be accountable for his government and the actions of his ministers.”


For media inquiries, please contact PCCaucus_Media@leg.gov.mb.ca

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