NDP Vote No to Expanding Consumer Choice

WINNIPEG — Today, Wab Kinew’s NDP continued to obstruct efforts to bring more consumer choice and convenience to Manitobans by voting down legislation to expand liquor retail offerings and services across the province.

“Many other Canadian provinces allow expanded liquor sales,” said Red River North MLA Jeff Wharton, who sponsored Bill 213. “To Manitobans, this is a common-sense policy. They go to other provinces and wonder why they have an easier time purchasing liquor there than they do at home.”

More than half of all liquor sales in Manitoba is through licensed independent retailers, noted Konrad Narth, PC Critic for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL). Those retailers contribute millions to the province to help fund hospitals, schools, and roads, as well as essential services like addictions treatment.

However, Manitoba’s outdated liquor laws unnecessarily restrict what type of products can be sold by different retailers. Manitoba PCs have set out to fix this problem by allowing licensed retailers to sell all products available through MBLL as the provincial wholesaler—but Wab Kinew’s NDP have blocked these efforts at every turn for the last seven years.

“Expanding liquor retail in Manitoba is a win for consumers and it’s a win for entrepreneurs. It levels the playing field for independent businesses, and encourages growth and competition in a fair and free market,” said Narth. “But the NDP’s political antagonism against small business owners who operate locally and employ local people has turned this into a lost opportunity for Manitoba’s economy.”


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