‘Hollywood of the North’: State-of-the-Art Film Studio Breaks Ground in Niverville with PC Investments

PCs celebrate the construction of a state-of-the-art film and television studio campus in Niverville.

Statement from PC Education Critic Grant Jackson on NDP Abandoning Sage Creek Families

Education Critic Grant Jackson responds to recent news of the Manitoba NDP withholding funding for a new K-8 school in Sage Creek.

PC Bills Supporting Manitoba Heritage, Parks, Generosity Receive Royal Assent

The spring sitting of Manitoba’s legislature ended Monday with three Progressive Conservative bills receiving Royal Assent to recognize Manitoba’s world-class geological treasure, support Manitoba parks, and celebrate the generosity of Manitobans.

NDP Award $100,000 Untendered Contract to Cabinet Minister

PC Caucus Chair Greg Nesbitt called on the Manitoba Ethics Commissioner to investigate two NDP cabinet ministers for a sole-sourced, untendered contract awarded in April.

PCs Call to Lower Breast Cancer Screening Age to 40

PC Health Critic Kathleen Cook is calling on the NDP to immediately put forward a plan to lower the breast cancer screening age in Manitoba to 40.

Statement from PC Finance Critic Obby Khan on the NDP’s $24-Billion Omnibus Budget Bill

PC Finance Critic Obby Khan responds to the Manitoba NDP’s vote against bringing their $24-billion budget bill to public hearings.

Statement from Dawson Trail MLA Bob Lagassé on NDP Rebuff of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week Act

Dawson Trail MLA Bob Lagassé responds to the Manitoba NDP’s rejection of Bill 217 to commemorate Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

Statement from Brandon West MLA Wayne Balcaen on NDP Failure to Denounce Destructive Drug Policies

Brandon West MLA Wayne Balcaen responds to the Manitoba NDP’s failure to take a decisive stance against importing destructive BC NDP policies into Manitoba.

NDP Vote No to Expanding Consumer Choice

Wab Kinew’s NDP continued to obstruct efforts to bring more consumer choice and convenience to Manitobans by voting down legislation to expand liquor retail offerings and services across the province.

PCs Slam NDP’s Undemocratic $24-Billion Omnibus Spending Bill

Wab Kinew and the NDP refused to withdraw a $24-billion omnibus spending bill that rams through significant new legislation while denying Manitobans the right to provide input.

PCs Introduce Consumer Choice Legislation

Manitoba PCs introduced Bill 213 to expand liquor retail offerings and services across Manitoba.

NDP Immigration Minister Threatens Suspension of MPNP Draws to Silence Protests

The Official Opposition is calling for NDP labour and immigration minister Malaya Marcelino to resign following serious allegations that she threatened to suspend MPNP draws in an effort to silence protests by workers and students at the Manitoba legislature.

PCs Delay NDP Bills to Protect Manitoba Workers, Students, Business Owners

The Official Opposition delayed four NDP bills to allow Manitobans more time to provide their input and become fully informed about the costs that the NDP’s reckless ideology will have on the bottom line of Manitoba families and businesses.

NDP Cuts Cancel Over 1300 Surgeries in 3 Months

Internal documents reveal more than 1,300 surgeries were cancelled in Winnipeg in the first three months after Wab Kinew and his NDP health minister cut Manitoba’s diagnostic and surgical task force last fall.

PCs Introduce Bill to Support Manitoba Parks

Riding Mountain MLA Greg Nesbitt introduced a bill to establish specialty Manitoba Parks license plates, allowing Manitobans to show their love for provincial parks while helping to revitalize the natural spaces they treasure most.

NDP Deliver More Taxes, More Debt, No Vision in 2024

Manitobans will pay more and get less in 2024 as the NDP’s first budget raises taxes, drives up debt, cuts frontline services and infrastructure, defunds public safety, and offers no vision for Manitoba’s economy or future.

BEREZA: April 1st Carbon Tax Hike Will Be Felt Across Every Manitoba Industry and Household

Article by MLA Jeff Bereza, PC Critic for Agriculture

Manitoba NDP Admit Education Not a Priority

The Official Opposition is calling on the NDP to tell Manitoba families where their children rank in the 2024 budget after school divisions say senior officials made it clear that “education isn’t in the top three or even five priorities” of Wab Kinew’s new government.

New PC-Funded Epilepsy Unit Opens to Improve Access for Manitoba Patients

A new expanded epilepsy monitoring unit made possible thanks to investments by the previous PC government is helping HSC Winnipeg to better serve Manitobans living with epilepsy.

Wab Kinew Must Stand Against Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Hike

PC Finance Critic Obby Khan responds to the upcoming 23% carbon tax hike on April 1st, which will cost Manitoba families $502 more than they get back in rebates in 2024.

NDP Block Filipino Nurses from Working in Manitoba

The Official Opposition is calling for the immediate reinstatement of the Philippines healthcare recruitment program after it was revealed that the NDP government prevented more than a dozen incoming nurses from joining the Manitoba workforce this year.

Manitoba PCs Shuffle Shadow Cabinet

Opposition Leader Wayne Ewasko announced changes to the critic portfolios of the Manitoba PC Caucus as the spring legislative session gets underway.

PCs Call for Inquiry into NDP Negligence

PCs called for an inquiry into the NDP’s failure to protect a Manitoba teen who pleaded to be moved out of her unsafe foster home two months before she was found dead, allegedly killed by a violent offender out on bail.

Broken NDP Promise Makes Life More Expensive for Manitobans

Months after getting elected on a promise to not raise taxes, Wab Kinew’s NDP government has already pulled their bait-and-switch on Manitobans by bringing more taxes and higher costs in 2024.

NDP Block Independent Review for Children in Care

NDP families minister Nahanni Fontaine blocked a motion to create an independent subcommittee of the Manitoba Legislature to review The Advocate for Children and Youth Act.

Statement from PC Finance Critic Obby Khan on the NDP’s So-Called Financial Review 

Obby Khan, PC Shadow Minister for Finance, released a statement in response to the NDP’s so-called Post Election Financial Accountability Review.

Stop the Leaks, Clean the River, Protect the Lake

As the NDP repeat history, the Official Opposition is calling on the NDP government to take immediate action to stop the flow of raw sewage into Manitoba waters, and to ensure sewer infrastructure around Winnipeg is protected from catastrophic failure in the future.

Statement from Selkirk MLA Richard Perchotte on Critical Minerals Project in Selkirk, Hollow Water

Selkirk MLA Richard Perchotte responds to the advancement of the PC-led critical minerals project in Selkirk and Hollow Water First Nation.

PC Initiatives Working to Enhance Patient Care, Reduce Doctor Burnout

Work by the previous PC government is proving to be successful in increasing patient access to healthcare professionals and reducing administrative burdens for physicians in Manitoba.

Statement from PC Hydro Critic Grant Jackson on the Politically-Motivated Firing of Hydro CEO

Hydro Shadow Minister Grant Jackson responds to the NDP government’s firing of Manitoba Hydro’s CEO.

Statement from PC Agriculture Critic Jeff Bereza on Canada’s Agriculture Day

Agriculture Shadow Minister Jeff Bereza shares words for Canada’s Agriculture Day, where Canadians across the country celebrate the food that sustains us every day and the hard-working people who produce it.

NDP Hiding Surgical Wait Times Data from Manitobans

Manitoba’s Official Opposition is calling on the NDP government to update the online diagnostic and surgical wait times tracker, and tell Manitobans the truth about the impact of Wab Kinew’s decision to cut surgical options.

PCs Welcome Internationally-Educated Nurses to Portage la Prairie

MLAs Jeff Bereza and Kathleen Cook met and welcomed several new internationally-educated nurses who moved to Manitoba this week as a result of the previous PC government’s recruitment mission to the Philippines.

PCs Demand Answers as NDP Delays Building Sustainable Communities Program

Manitobans are calling for answers from the NDP as to what is happening with BSC grants for local governments and non-profit organizations this year.

Statement from PC Hydro Critic Grant Jackson on NDP Interference with Manitoba Hydro

Grant Jackson, PC Shadow Minister for Manitoba Hydro, released a statement in response to the NDP government’s position on independent power producers in Manitoba.

PC Caucus Announces New Leadership Structure

Manitoba’s Official Opposition outlined its new leadership structure today following the selection of Wayne Ewasko as its interim Leader.

NDP Government Receives Failing Grade on First 100 Days Report Card

Manitoba’s Official Opposition issued a report card assessing the NDP’s first 100 days in government, where they have failed to act on improving healthcare, public safety, or education.

Bereza Tours New Portage Regional Health Centre Site

Portage la Prairie MLA Jeff Bereza shares his experience from his recent tour of the new Portage Regional Health Centre site.

Manitoba PCs Select Wayne Ewasko as Interim Leader

The Manitoba PC Caucus has selected Lac du Bonnet MLA Wayne Ewasko as interim Leader of the Official Opposition, who will serve the role until a party leadership contest is held later this year.

PCs Celebrate Manitoba Curling Week

Progressive Conservatives are proud to join Manitobans this week to celebrate the sixth annual Manitoba Curling Week and 134th Manitoba Open Bonspiel.

How the NDP-Backed Carbon Tax Hurts Manitoba Farmers

Agriculture Shadow Minister Jeff Bereza breaks down the carbon costs to grow wheat for a single loaf of bread.

Statement from PC Finance Shadow Minister Obby Khan on Another NDP Carbon Tax Flip Flop

Obby Khan, PC Shadow Minister for Finance, released a statement in response to the NDP’s ongoing delay in providing carbon tax relief for Manitobans.

Manitobans to Enjoy PC Tax Savings in 2024

Manitobans will see more tax savings in 2024 thanks to PC affordability measures that come into effect January 1—including up to $1,399 in savings to help Manitoba families make ends meet.

Christmas and New Years Greetings from the Leader of the Official Opposition Heather Stefanson

On behalf of our PC Caucus and our families, we wish all Manitobans a very merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday, and the very best in the new year.

Wab Kinew and Justin Trudeau

NDP Cuts Surgeries, Personal Care Homes Despite Largest-Ever Transfer from Justin Trudeau

As Manitoba is set to receive a historic $842-million windfall from the federal government in 2024, Wab Kinew and the NDP plan to continue their reckless agenda of cuts to healthcare, personal care homes, childcare spaces, schools, and other important projects in the new year to pay for their $3 billion worth of election promises.

Portage la Prairie to Advance Manitoba as Leader in Renewable Transportation Fuels

Manitoba has moved forward with the previous PC government’s $2.9-million commitment to support a one-of-a-kind sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) processing facility planned near Portage la Prairie.

NDP Halts Personal Care Homes as Seniors Housing Wait Times Worsen

As Manitoba seniors and their families struggle with growing wait lists for housing, Progressive Conservatives are calling on the NDP government to reverse its decision to halt hundreds of new personal care home beds across the province.

New Specialized Stroke Unit Built by PCs to Serve Patients Across Manitoba

Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Winnipeg is set to open the first stroke unit of its kind in Manitoba next week following extensive renovations and investments by the previous PC government at the former Women’s Pavilion.

Indigenous-Led RAAM Clinic Implemented by PCs Now Operational

Manitoba opened its first Indigenous-led Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine (RAAM) clinic this afternoon as result of investments made by our previous PC government in January 2023.

NDP Denies Vote on Tyndall Stone Designation

The NDP government prevented a vote this week on a bill to designate Tyndall stone as the official stone of Manitoba.

Wab Kinew and Adrien Sala

NDP Refuse to Remove Carbon Tax From Home Heating

The Manitoba NDP government blocked a PC resolution today calling on them to remove the federal carbon tax from home heating bills, despite the NDP premier facing criticism for his hypocritical flip-flop on the issue.

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition Heather Stefanson on the Beginning of Hanukkah

At sunset tonight, Jewish communities across Manitoba and the world will light the first candles of the Hanukkah menorah, celebrating the triumph of light over darkness.

NDP’s Fictional Forecast an Attempt to Cover Up Plans to Raise Taxes and Run Large Deficits

In a desperate attempt to hide their high-tax, high-spending agenda, the NDP are misleading Manitobans about the finances of the province in order to cover their tracks for their costly $3-billion election platform.

Statement from PC Hydro Shadow Minister Grant Jackson on New NDP Manitoba Hydro Board

The NDP reinstated several previous Hydro board members who oversaw the devastating mismanagement of the Keeyask dam and Bipole III projects, which increased Hydro’s debt to $24 billion and put the utility in the financial mess it’s in today.

Zebra Mussels

NDP Must Act Now to Protect Clear Lake

With news last week that invasive zebra mussels have been found in Clear Lake at Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba’s new environment and natural resources ministers must take immediate action to stop their spread, and avoid a repeat of the mismanagement that allowed the mussels to infest Manitoba waterways in the first place.

PCs Call for Permanent Tax Break at the Pumps

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are calling on the NDP government to remove all provincial gas tax from all fuels and give Manitobans a permanent tax break at the pump in the new year.


Statement from PC Sport, Culture, Heritage and Tourism Shadow Minister Konrad Narth on Holodomor Memorial Day

Manitobans come together today to honour victims of the Holodomor—the genocidal starvation of millions of Ukrainians at the hands of Joseph Stalin and his brutal Soviet regime.

Wayne Balcaen calls for action on violent crime

PCs Call for Action on Violent Crime

As legislators return to work next week, many are asking: how does the NDP plan to end violent crime and the cycle of catch-and-release on Manitoba streets?

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition Heather Stefanson on Remembrance Day

As we mark Remembrance Day, we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by thousands of Canadians in uniform, across generations, in pursuit of peace and freedom at home and around the world.

PC Caucus Congratulates Speaker Tom Lindsey on Appointment, Thanks Outgoing Speaker Myrna Driedger for Her Impeccable Service to Manitobans

The Manitoba PC Caucus congratulates the Honourable Tom Lindsey on becoming Speaker of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, and looks forward to working alongside him for all Manitobans.

PCs to Call Resolution to Cancel Carbon Tax on Home Heating

Manitoba PCs are calling on the NDP government to immediately cancel the federal carbon tax on heating bills for Manitoba families and businesses, and will bring forward a private members’ resolution this fall calling for the tax to stop being charged and collected through Manitoba Hydro

Statement from PC Finance Shadow Minister Obby Khan on the NDP Government’s Carbon Tax Flip-Flop

“Manitobans expect their leaders to stand up for them no matter what—not just when it’s popular,” said Finance Critic Obby Khan

PCs Announce Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet

The Manitoba PC Caucus announced the Shadow Cabinet of the Official Opposition to serve Manitobans and hold the new NDP government to account.

Official Opposition MLAs Ready to Serve Manitobans

Twenty-two PC MLAs from across Manitoba were formally sworn in as the Official Opposition during a ceremony at the Legislature on Monday.

Leader Heather Stefanson committed the PC Caucus to hold Wab Kinew and his NDP government to account for their unrealistic promises—from building and staffing a dozen new medical facilities, to balancing the budget without raising taxes.

Statement from the Opposition Leader on New Manitoba Government

After seven years of PC governance, Wab Kinew and the NDP inherit one of the fastest growing economies in Canada, with a balanced budget and record investments in health care, education, infrastructure, public safety, and affordability for Manitobans.

PC Caucus Proud of Providing Historic Help for Manitobans in the 42nd Legislature

On the last day of the Legislative session, Manitoba’s PC caucus reflects on some historic moments in the Legislature over the course of this term. “This 42nd Legislature was full of historic help for Manitobans, much-needed tax savings measures, and historic firsts in Manitoba,” said Ron Schuler, PC Caucus Chair. “I’m proud of the work […]

Wab Kinew’s NDP Vote Against Increasing RCMP Funding for Municipalities

Today’s vote showed that the NDP have no respect for police or municipalities: Schuler Wab Kinew’s NDP voted against a resolution today calling on the federal government to adequately support Manitoba municipalities following 23 per cent RCMP salary increases. “We believe in defending, not defunding, our police,” said Ron Schuler, PC Caucus Chair. “We support […]

NDP Critic Too Busy Moonlighting, Ignores Environment File

NDP priorities are for themselves, not Manitobans: Schuler After claiming to be winding down his work as a lawyer, part-time MLA for Fort Garry Mark Wasyliw was missing in action for Earth Week to be in court, while our PC Team was busy fighting for Manitobans, PC Caucus Chair Ron Schuler mentioned today. “How can […]

NDP Attempt to Change the Channel Falls Flat, Begs the Question: What is Wab Kinew Hiding?

Latest NDP attacks full of hypocrisy; show glimpse of what a Wab Kinew Manitoba would look like: Schuler

Andrew Micklefield Presents Bill to Extend Bereavement Leave for Parents Experiencing a Stillbirth or Miscarriage

Families should be given an appropriate amount of time to grieve: Micklefield

Brad Michaleski Introduces Bill Supporting Victims of Intimate Partner Violence and Improving Safety for Renters

Preventing the re-traumatization of Intimate Partner Violence survivors: Michaleski

April 2023 PC Caucus Review

Historic Help for Manitobans with Budget 2023. Stronger communities with the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund. A new seniors strategy to support Manitoba seniors.

NDP Refuse to Answer Questions About Their Own Caucus Member’s Record

Manitobans deserve to have full-time MLAs: Schuler

PC Caucus Calls on NDP to Stop Defending Drug Dealers and Criminals While on Public Payroll

We defend Manitobans, not alleged multi-million dollar cocaine traffickers: Schuler Manitoba’s PC Caucus is disappointed to learn that NDP MLA for Fort Garry, Mark Wasyliw, is once again moonlighting to defend alleged criminals who make our streets less safe. Mark Wasyliw is on record as the lawyer arguing an alleged large cocaine trafficker should not […]

PC Bill Requiring School Trustee and Municipal Candidates to Disclose Any Criminal History Passes Second Reading

Manitobans deserve transparency and accountability in all of their local representation: Isleifson

PC Caucus Officially Calls on Ottawa to Reform Bail

Commitment Needs to Result in Action: Schuler

January 2023 PC Caucus Review

PC Caucus Review Kevin Klein Sworn In as Kirkfield Park MLA Manitoba’s PC Caucus is excited to welcome another MLA into the fold, with the election of Kevin Klein on December 13, 2022. He was officially sworn in on December 23, 2022. Kevin had a successful career as a business executive, and is a former […]

Kevin Klein Sworn In as MLA for Kirkfield Park

Excited to continue working hard for the residents of Kirkfield Park: Klein Kevin Klein has been officially sworn-in as the MLA for Kirkfield Park, following the by-election held on December 13, 2022. “I’m thrilled to represent Manitobans once again,” said Klein. “This area is very close to my heart, and we’ve accomplished a lot together […]

Manitoba Hydro Update Shows that PC Plan Is working; NDP Plan Would Hike Hydro Rates Long-term

Only our PC Team is committed to stopping using Hydro as the government’s cash cow: MLA Teitsma A media release from Manitoba Hydro today announced that the utility is reducing its rate application to just two percent for the next two years. We are reducing the water power rental fee and the debt guarantee fee […]

Obby Khan Introduces the Animal Care Amendment Act, Passes Second Reading

Bill will ban pets being left in hot or freezing vehicles, hold people accountable: MLA Khan Obby Khan, MLA for Fort Whyte, introduced the Animal Care Amendment Act, which will ban pets being left vehicles during hot or freezing temperatures if the vehicle’s climate control is not running. “This is an important bill that people […]

Getting Things Done: Premier Stefanson’s First Year in Office

This past year, Premier Heather Stefanson has helped make life more affordable, made Manitoba more competitive, reduced the surgical and diagnostic backlog and helped make our communities safer. Our government has been working hard and getting results on behalf of Manitobans. “We have been making real progress helping more Manitobans make ends meet. This year, […]

PC Caucus Calls on the Federal Government to Adequately Support Iranians and Work to Help Protect the People of Iran

Manitoba’s PC Caucus unanimously passed a resolution today calling on Ottawa to take further steps to help support Iranians, who are experiencing constant oppression and civil unrest due to the protests and conflict in Iran. On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini was arrested and murdered by Iranian police because she stood up for her basic […]

MLA Len Isleifson Passes the Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act (Poppy Number Plates)

Winnipeg, MB – Brandon East MLA Len Isleifson is proud to have passed the Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act, which expands the eligible veterans who can get veteran poppy license plates to include active members of the Canadian Forces who have: honourably served for at least one year; been honourably discharged; or are a former […]

PC Caucus Calls on Federal Government to Abandon Fertilizer Reduction Strategy

Ian Wishart, MLA for Portage La Prairie, brought forward a private member’s resolution today calling on the NDP-Liberal coalition in Ottawa to abandon their plan to create arbitrary fertilizer reduction targets. “Justin Trudeau and the NDP-Liberal coalition’s plan to impose fertilizer reduction targets is totally irresponsible during a time of food insecurity and high inflation,” […]

August/September 2022 PC Caucus Review

Making Life More Affordable for Families Inflation impacts us all, and our PC Government is committed to helping Manitobans combat rising costs with our new $87-million Family Affordability Package. This includes programs to help families with children, low-income seniors, and Manitobans in need the most.Families with a household income below $175,000 will be receiving an […]

Caucus Review — July 2022

$2 Million for New CT Scanner in Swan Valley Our PC Government remains committed to strengthening our healthcare system, and this month we announced a $2 million investment in a new CT scanner for the Swan Valley Health Centre.This investment will not only benefit Swan Valley, but surrounding communities as well as it provides a […]

Functional Design Study to Rebuild PR 215 in Beausejour Announced, Interim Repaving of Park Avenue Imminent

Our government is proud to announced the next step in properly rebuilding Park Avenue, also calledPR 215, in Beausejour starting with a functional design study. Manitoba Infrastructure will use this study to address all ongoing issues on the road, including pavement surface and curb work, improving turning movements, improving parking and drainage improvements, among others. […]

Caucus Review – June 2022

This past month our PC Government committed $50 million towards the Heath Science Centre (HSC) Foundation’s Operation Excellence, the largest campaign in the foundation’s 46-year history as well as $2.5 million to fund searches for Indigenous children. The Manitoba PC Party also saw huge success at the annual Spring Gala with hundreds of proud supporters in attendance.

New PC Caucus Chair Announced

Winnipeg, MB – The Manitoba PC Caucus is excited to announce that Midland MLA Blaine Pedersen willbecome the new Chair for the Manitoba PC Caucus following Riding Mountain MLA Greg Nesbitt’sappointment to cabinet. “I am honoured to start this new role and continue working hard for Manitobans on behalf of our entire PC Caucus,” said […]

January 2022 PC Caucus Review

Our government has signed agreements and put new initiatives in place to build capacity for women’s health, diagnostics and spine surgery since the launch of the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force. “The task force quickly built capacity in some key areas as we build a stronger and more responsive system here in Manitoba,” said Health Minister Audrey Gordon.

Province Adds Nursing Education Seats In Brandon

Brandon, MB – Len Isleifson, MLA for Brandon East, is pleased to highlight a provincial investment of $19.5 million to add nursing seats across the province, including an additional 32 registered nursing and registered psychiatric nursing seats at Brandon University and 55 licensed practical nursing seats through Assiniboine Community College.

December 2021 PC Caucus Review

Premier Stefanson delivered her inaugural State of the Province address on December 2nd to nearly 1,200 members of Manitoba’s business community, reaffirming her government’s vision and plans for a strong economic and social recovery

MLA Nesbitt Announces Improvements To Highway 10 And Bridge On PR 259

SHOAL LAKE, MB – Greg Nesbitt, MLA for Riding Mountain, is pleased to announce improvements by Manitoba Infrastructure to three sections of Provincial Truck Highway (PTH) 10 from Minnedosa to Riding Mountain National Park.

November 2021 PC Caucus Review

Premier Heather Stefanson and Health Minister Audrey Gordon announced the province is ready to launch the next phase of its vaccine campaign to protect children ages five to 11 from COVID-19. Pending Health Canada’s approval of the pediatric Pfizer vaccine and the National Advisory Council’s anticipated recommendation, Manitoba will be ready to roll out the next phase of the provincewide #ProtectMB vaccine campaign.

MLA Smith Responds To NDP Alternative Throne Speech

Alternative Throne Speech which ignores their record on healthcare in Manitoba.

“The former NDP government left our healthcare system in disarray after 17 years of mismanagement, leading to the longest wait times in the country,” said MLA Smith.